Westerly Creek Elementary School PTA
Westerly Creek Elementary PTA



You’ve heard the expression “It takes a village.” This is so true when it comes to providing an amazing learning environment for our children. We need more parents to help fill elected board positions and volunteer positions to make Westerly Creek Elementary the best it can be. 

Can you help us? Are you organized, a whiz at finance, outgoing, or good at getting things done? Signing up for a PTA role is a great way to make a huge difference! If you see a role that you could help with please contact info@westerlycreek.com. (Please be sure to include your name and the best way to reach you.)

Current position holders will be brought up as a nominee to continue in their current roles, but others are encouraged to volunteer (or nominate themselves) for any role. We need volunteers!

The Elected PTA Board positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Staff Support Chair, Membership Chair, Fundraising Chair and Communications Chair.  Positions may be shared by two individuals to create a co-chair partnership.  Only current PTA members are able to be nominated and vote. Click here if you'd like to become a PTA member (it's never too late).


PRESIDENT (Elected PTA Board Position)

  • Develop school year plan for PTA

  • Responsible for oversight of all committee chairs and officers of PTA

  • Schedule, coordinate and preside PTA meetings. 5 meetings per year

  • Work with Principal and Asst Principal to develop programs to support school

  • Signatory on PTA account

 VICE PRESIDENT (Elected PTA Board Position)

  • Support President in programs and activities

  • Oversee designated Committee chairs and activities as split by President and VP

  • Signatory on PTA account

  • There is no requirement that the VP serves more than one year; however, it is helpful if the VP serves one year as VP, one year as President and a third year as Past President on the Board

 SECRETARY (Elected PTA Board Position)

  • Record minutes of PTA meetings, motions (recorded exactly as stated) and action taken

  • File and maintain all records, including all originals of approved minutes

  • Maintain PTA By-laws

TREASURER (Elected PTA Board Position)

  • Develop budget, provides financial and annual reports

  • Maintain funds, make disbursements and deposit funds

  • Submit books annually for audit

  • Signatory on PTA account

  • Accounting degree or experience is helpful


  • Assist Treasurer as needed. Move into Treasurer role in the future. Review PTA audit.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR (Elected PTA Board Position)

  • Get parents involved in the school by being a part of PTA. Sell memberships at PTA table at Wolf Den Welcome and Back To School Night. Maintain list of members and report to the Colorado PTA the membership list at least twice a year.

    KING SOOPERS CARDS – distribute KS cards when parent buys PTA membership. Get KS cards from grocery, sell KS cards and inform parents of KS progress in Weekly update as needed.

COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR (Elected PTA Board Position) 

  • WEEKLY UPDATE – Coordinate a weekly update to be distributed to the families. This information will be distributed by e-mail and on the website

  • WEBSITE – keep parents informed by hosting and updating the westerlycreekpta.com website.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA –update Stapleton moms and other social media sites of school wide events

  • QUARTERLY PRINCIPAL NEWSLETTER – Coordinate a monthly PTA newsletter, including the Principal and Presidents articles, fundraising updates, current and past events at the school. There is some writing/editing and layout involved.

  • Maintain PTA bulletin boards located at WCE.

    Communications Committee Positions:

  • WCE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take pictures for yearbook, quarterly newsletter and other school needs

  • WEBSITE COORDINATOR: Keep parents informed by hosting and updating the westerlycreekpta.com website.

STAFF SUPPORT CHAIR (Elected PTA Board Position) –   

  • Coordinate teacher appreciation activities and encourage volunteerism in the classroom.

  • ROOM PARENTS – Coordinate a room parent for each classroom, specials teachers, and Special Education teacher.

  • STAFF BREAKFASTS & LUNCHES – Coordinate Signup of Staff Breakfasts and inservice day Lunches. Each class is responsible for one breakfast or lunch.

  • THANKSGIVING TEACHER GOODIE/WINE BASKETS – create Thanksgiving teacher baskets

  • TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK – coordinate events for teacher appreciation week

FUNDRAISING CHAIR (Elected PTA Board Position) - 

Responsible for subcommittees and to raise funds to make up for the opportunities that are not offered through DPS budget. Create a fundraising calendar to be submitted to the PTA Board for approval by the first meeting of the school year. Form the following subcommittees to carry out events throughout the year.

  • GAP DRIVE – Secure locations for GAP Parties, solicit donations for parties, advertise parties to school with reasons why fundraising is essential to success of school

  • AUCTION CHAIR –oversee organization of Auction

    • ACQUISITIONS-solicit and gather acquisitions for silent and live auction

    • RAFFLES/DRAWINGS – Solicit raffle items and gets gaming license

    • MEDIA/ADVERTISING/COMMUNICATIONS/PROGRAM – advertise auction, create program, create printed and electronic media materials

    • TEACHER DONATIONS – solicit teacher donations and create thank you notes to teachers

    • CLASS ART PROJECTS – work with ART committee and room parents to create art projects for auction

    • TICKET SALES – promote ticket sales and incentive program for auction

    • BEVERAGE/DECORATIONS AND SETUP- coordinate beverage acquisitions, decorations and setup for auction

  • SPONSORSHIP CHAIR – Ensure sponsors are correctly displayed on website, in directory, auction program and yearbook. Maintain sponsorship list with level, amount paid and contacts. Sell school sponsorships and maintain relationships with sponsors and advertisers. Sell advertising space in Directory, Yearbook. Ensure sponsor has submitted logo and advertisements

    • BANNERS – collect and hang sponsorships banners for designated events

    • MEDIA/ADVERTISING-collect & layout advertising in Directory, Auction Program & Yearbook

  • WCEats CHAIR – set up promotions with businesses to give back portion of proceeds to WCE when WCE families buy support their business, such as restaurant nights

  • “ORIGINAL WORKS" PROGRAM CHAIR– Coordinate with Ms. Glassick for the creation of the art work at the beginning of the school year. Collect orders during the fall and distribute items.

  • BOXTOPS 4 EDUCATION CHAIR– Coordinates the collection of box tops

  • EDU SCHOOL SUPPLY KITS – distribute order forms early May and make sure that orders are filled and distributed to the purchasers correctly.

  • SPIRIT WEAR & FIELD DAY SHIRTS – Distribute order forms, make sure that orders are filled & distribute orders

  • YEARBOOK - Sell, create, distribute the school Yearbooks and work with sponsorship/advertising team compiling advertising space in Yearbook

  • SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS – Coordinate to raise money for books for the library and classrooms. Work with Scholastic books to host 2 or more book fairs per year. Coordinate volunteers to work at the fair. Work with the teachers to create their book lists. Work with the Principal to distribute the funds for classroom libraries and the media center.

  • SCHOOL DANCE COORDINATOR -  Spring and Fall School Dances

Other Sub-Committee PTA Chair Positions

SCHOOL TOURS - organize and lead school tours monthly school tours

WELCOME COMMITTEE - organize events to welcome new families to WCE, create new family packets who join WCE and organize the Back to School Lemonades

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – run the school food pantry and provide outreach opportunities to WCE.  Work with school to complement existing outreach programs such as Jump Rope for Heart, Turkey Trot and 100th Day of School events

  • SMITH THANKSGIVING DONATION BASKETS – coordinate donations by class & deliver to families

  • SCHOOL PANTRY – coordinate donations, fill and distribute backpacks weekly, pickup food at Food Bank of the Rockies

  • BABY AND KIDS STUFF SALE – Coordinate volunteers to collect sort and display merchandise and sell baby and kids’ stuff and give remaining items to charity

ARTS CHAIR– Help support arts education and participation in our school. Work closely with Art teacher. 

  • CLASS AUCTION PROJECTS – coordinate with assigned Room Parent and Auction committee to organize class auction art projects. Offer creative ideas and input.

  • ART SHOW – This will be held in conjunction with the literacy night.

  • INDOOR BEAUTIFICATION – coordinate projects for indoor beautification of school and organization of lost and found section

SAFETY COMMITTEE - Determine and support safety needs for school, including transportation issues.

GREEN TEAM - Communicate and support Green initiatives at the school

OUTDOOR BEAUTIFICATION – Coordinate activities related to sprucing up the school grounds.  

GRANT WRITING – Research, prepare, submit and follow up on grants available to school.  STUDENT DANCES – Coordinate and run student dances

LEGISLATIVE - Provide public policy topics at PTA meetings pertaining to child and educational advocacy issues, such as bills at both state and national level.  Information available at http://www.pta.org/public_policy.asp