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Westerly Creek Elementary PTA

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Westerly Creek King Soopers Gift Card Program Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about the Westerly Creek
reloadable King Soopers gift card program but were too sunburned to ask.

Q: I am a big, hairy grizzly bear and recently awoke from hibernation. What is this grocery card program of which you speak?

A: Great question! The PTA purchases $5 reloadable gift cards from King Soopers. We sell them back to our friends and families for the full amount of their value - $5. The cards are tagged to Westerly Creek. Every time you shop at King Soopers, simply add more money to the card for any amount up to $500 and use the card just like a gift card. You can reload using cash, check, or a credit card. King Soopers gives the Westerly Creek PTA 5% of all the reloads. The PTA uses this money to support paraprofessional salaries and provide technology in the classrooms.

Q: I am a farmer and I grow all my own fruits and vegetables and slaughter my own meat. Is there a way for me to participate in this program without buying groceries?

A: Sure! You can use your reloadable gift card to purchase gas, sporting event tickets, discount lift tickets, other gift cards, patio furniture, greeting cards, diapers, measuring spoons, frying pans, batteries, lottery tickets, Mountain Dew, cigarettes, candy, beer, toilet paper, Nyquil and prescription drugs.

Q: I work for a shampoo company and I have lots of friends and family around the country. Can I tell two friends to participate in this program and they tell two friends and so on and so on?

A: Absolutely! You can purchase $5 cards to give to friends and family. The cards are linked to Westerly Creek and can be used and reloaded at most Kroger-affiliated stores across the country including Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Fry’s, and Fry’s Marketplace, King Soopers, Dillons, Smith’s Food and Drug, City Market, QFC, Food 4 Less, Owen’s Foodsco, Hilander, Pay-Less, Cala-Bell, Baker’s, JAYC, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Littman and Barclay Jewelers.

Q: I am an economist and if what you are saying is true and 200 Westerly Creek friends and families spend $300 per month at King Soopers using their reloadable cards, Westerly Creek PTA would earn $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year to help support our school. Are my figures correct?

A:Yes! 5% really adds up quickly. Right now, we have over 100 Westerly Creek friends and families participating in the program and our monthly check from King Soopers averages about $800. However, think of the possibilities if every Westerly Creek family (and a neighbor, friend, frienemy, foe or arch-nemesis) participated.

Q: I play hockey without a helmet and have been hit in the head more times than I can count so I want to make sure I understand you. If I get a reloadable gift card from the PTA and use it at King Soopers, King Soopers gives us free money?

A:Correct! This program is the ideal fundraiser. You don’t spend any money. King Soopers simply pays the school for what you probably already do every week - buy groceries. Cards are available for purchase at the front desk. If you have any infrequently asked questions, send it to membership@westerlycreekpta.com