Westerly Creek Elementary School PTA
Westerly Creek Elementary PTA

Why be a sponsor?

Make a difference.


Westerly Creek Elementary (WCE) is one of the largest elementary school in the Denver School District.  WCE currently enrolls 715+ students.  WCE serves a close-knit community that is interested and involved in children's’ intellectual and social growth.  Because of WCE’s large size and the demographics of the Stapleton neighborhood, our Sponsorships offers your business the chance to stand out to potential clients and customers.  

Our commitment to the Westerly Creek children is to provide an environment in which each child can thrive and become a lifelong learner. The Westerly Creek PTA helps raise funds, promote volunteering and fosters a sense of community spirit. Part of the funds raised through Sponsorships, Auction, GAP parties, and fundraisers is given to the school as an annual grant, and the Collaborative School Committee or CSC decides how that money best benefits the students.  What this means to you is that by purchasing a Sponsorship you're not only helping your business through exposure, but also helping our children grow.

Did you know? 

    •    Colorado ranks 43rd in per pupil spending, at $2,510 below the national average per pupil [Ed Week, 2012 Quality Counts, 2008-09 data] 

    •    Colorado ranks 40th in median student-teacher ratio in elementary schools [Ed Week, 2012 Quality Counts, 2009-10 data] 

    •    Colorado ranks 41st in technology in our schools. [Ed Week, 2009 Technology Counts] 

    •    Colorado provides $0 for professional development and teacher mentoring and induction programs. [Ed Week, 2012 Quality Counts, from EPE Research Center Annual State Policy Survey 2011] 

The WCE PTA has committed to giving the school $150,000 for the 2017-18 school year.  This grant is crucial and equals about $250 per student. This grant provides funding for various needs in our school such as para-professional support (teacher’s aides) in each classroom, Library staff, Technology, Recess Coach, Lunch Monitors and additional Gifted and Talented services as needed.

Community support is essential in meeting our committed grant. Sponsorships, make all of this possible.

We thank you again for your continued support. Please see the attached offerings and and let me know directly if you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions to help make our 2017-18 fundraising goals. 

Christen Woodburn - fundraising@thewcepta.com

Justin Ross - treasurer@thewcepta.com

Westerly Creek PTA Treasurer