Westerly Creek Elementary School PTA
Westerly Creek Elementary PTA


Enjoy memories of this school year with your own copy of our Westerly Creek yearbook!

Purchase the 2017-2018 yearbook now! Yearbooks will be delivered to classrooms at the end of the school year. This full‐color book will showcase ECE‐5th grade students, staff, events and activities from this school year!  

LOVE LINE - 5th Grade Only

5th Grade families have the opportunity to purchase a LOVE LINE for the yearbook. Make your WCE yearbook something to remember! You can compose your own personal message to be included in our yearbook for 2017-2018! Your note can be from a student or parent to a student, teacher or staff member, or you can use this opportunity to thank anyone you feel has helped make this school year extra special. This is reserved for our 5th grade students and families only. 

  • Pricing: $15 for up to 30 words and a photo
  • Limited space is available, so get your order in early to reserve you spot! 
  • LOVE LINE orders must be received no later than March 30 (as space is available). 

If you have purchased a LOVE LINE, please send the following information to lindelsee@gmail.com

  1. LOVE LINE Recipient Name:
  2. LOVE LINE Purchaser Name:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Homeroom Teacher:
  5. LOVE LINE text: 
  6. Photo
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