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It takes a village.

About the WCE PTA

What is the WCE PTA?

The PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a formal organization composed of WCE parents, teachers and staff working to engage WCE parents in school participation. 

Elected each school year, the PTA board and committee chairs are a group of parents that volunteer their time to help the administration make WCE the best school it can be.  It takes a village - we need you!

Benefits of the PTA

It benefits your child.  By joining the PTA you help the school be better because the PTA funds many of the necessary programs at WCE, including:

·  Paraprofessionals in each K-5 classroom
·  Interventionists in the school
·  Updated technology in the classrooms
·  FT library tech | PT recess coach | PT lunchroom monitors
·  Additional Gifted & Talented programs and services


Why join the PTA?

·  Make a difference! You will have the opportunity to vote on school related issues (1 vote for an individual membership and 2 votes for a family membership)

Become better informed on the operations and opportunities within our school community.

·  Provide financial and altruistic support for our school.







We're always looking for volunteers. Contact us for more information!

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PTA Board



Liz Kegg

As a full time working mom, who travels often, Liz wanted her kids to see her taking an active role in their community, education and lives. She says she wanted them to know even though she's busy, they are still her top priority. Her role with the WCE PTA makes that possible.

Liz says she also appreciates the network of teachers and parents the PTA creates. She says its a time investment that pays off.

"Through my work on the Westerly Creek PTA, I’ve built relationships with teachers at all grade levels and work hard to build those relationships years before my kids will even be in their classrooms. Those teachers see the investment I make in the school and they are incredibly grateful. I know that pays off in patience and a little something extra with my kids. And that’s worth every minute of my time," Liz says.


Kelley Eckler_PTA website.JPG

Vice President

Kelley Eckler

As a mom of two and a freelance professional, Kelley juggles work with family and PTA commitments.

“I’ve been involved with the PTA, in some capacity, since my son was in ECE because I believe in being good to the people that make our lives better. And for me, that's the teachers and staff at Westerly Creek who work so hard and are so invested in my kids! I love that being a part of the PTA allows me to support them in both tangible and intangible ways, so they can continue to do what they do best."




Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith is a wife, CPA, health and fitness enthusiast, and mom of 2. She loves that she can share her financial expertise with the WCE PTA.

"As a mom of a child with sensory processing disorder, I appreciate how dedicated our teachers have been to helping all children succeed to the best of their ablilty. Being on the board is the best way I can give back to the school that has given so much to our daughter."




Marie Gruber

Bio coming soon!




Jennifer Wiggins

Bio coming soon!



Fundraising chair

Christen Woodburn

Christen Woodburn is a mom and full-time professional. She says she really wanted to volunteer and get involved in the community.

"I decided if I was going to invest my time anywhere I would want it to be for the benefit of my kids and Westerly Creek, which we have come to cherish. The PTA gives me an opportunity to be an advocate for my children, their classmates, and also the teachers and values of the school. I look forward to working to bring the community and school closer together through fundraising and outreach,” Christen says

She joined the PTA this year as the fundraising chair.

"I’ve already had the opportunity to connect with other amazing parents and teachers and I’m a learning a lot! I’m grateful that my children have such a great school home and happy to give of my time to help where I can,” she says.



Communications Chair

Lisa Stites

Lisa Stites is this year's PTA communications chair. She says the PTA offers her the chance to be involved with her kid's lives and give back to the community.

"Now that we have two kids at WCE, it was important to me to be able to give back to a place that's so important in our lives! I'm excited to be able to use my skillset to help our school and WCE kids!"



Communications Chair

Kerry Walton

Bio coming soon!



Membership Co-Chair

Karlyn Taylor

Karlyn Taylor is co-chair for the membership position on the WCE PTA Board. She decided to take a more active role in the PTA when she learned how much it helps Westerly Creek students.

"At my first PTA meeting, I remember hearing a very surprising fact that the PTA gifts $150,000 per year to the school. This money helps bridge the funding gap between actual costs and the allotted DPS funding. I realized that a big part of why WCE is great comes from the parents, teachers and community working to raise that money and run so many of the programs we love at the school. I know I want my kids to be able to benefit from the same paras in the classrooms, new technology, not to mention all the fun extracurriculars," she says.



Membership Co-Chair

Stacey Farnum

Bio Coming Soon



Staff Support Chair

Megan Freyman

Megan Freyman is this year's PTA Staff Support Chair.

She says she decided to get involved because of the impression it made on her as a child, "My mom was always really involved in my school and the PTA when I was growing up. I felt like her presence and involvement made a difference in my school experience, so I have always wanted to do the same for my kids. I'm also enjoying working with the staff and other parents and feeling more and more like a part of the Westerly Creek family!"



Staff Support Chair

Heidi Chial

Bio coming soon!



Auction Chair

Shari Barta

Bio coming soon!